Skincode Age-Defying & Hydration Set 50+50ml

Barcode: 7640107090462
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Skincode Age-Defying & Hydration Exclusive Anti-Aging & Firming Set, 2 pcs

Antiaging & deep cellular hydration set with firming day cream spf15 & regenerating cream-mask.

 Powerful 24-Hour Firming Total Anti-Aging Day Cream SPF15

    Rich in reconstructive complexes, it strengthens the solid structure of the skin and promotes the attraction of cells in areas that need repair, thus contributing to the reconstruction of the dermis.
    Without being "heavy" it is suitable even for fairly dry skin.
    This cream contains soy phytoestrogens, peptides, as well as the ingredient Dermaxyl®, - a powerful oligopeptide abrasive agent - with an action similar to that of retinoids and strong acids, but without causing the intense irritation that they cause.
    Enriched with moisturizing agents, with a velvety rich texture, it compensates for the skin's lack of moisture due to age.
    Dermatological tests show good results of smoothing the epidermal layer and
    thickening of the tissue after 4 weeks of use.

    Ingredients: ACR-G2 Peptide Blend, Dermaxyl Oligopeptide Complex, Shea Butter Moisturizer, Urea, Vit.E, St. John's wort, Calendula and Hyaluronic Acid.

Ultra-moisturizing 24-hour Cream-Mask with Peptides & Active Chamomile Extract, with a Cooling Gel Texture.

    Rich in antioxidants and isoflavones, it contains a large amount of hyaluronic acid, which achieves a deep moisturizing effect and reduces peeling and dryness.
    It can be used either as a night cream (in a thin layer), or in a thicker layer for 15 minutes and then remove any residue, as a hydration treatment during the day. Suitable for dehydrated skin of all ages. Absolutely soft and absorbable texture.

    Ingredients: peptide+phytoestrogen mixture ACR-G2, Vit.E, hyaluronic acid, Bisobolol (chamomile essential oil with a high panthenol content)
    Swiss Formulas: dermatologically tested, with a mild allergen-free fragrance, without parabens.

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