QNT LIGHT DIGEST Nutrition Protein Choco Spread crunchy white chocolate 250 gr

Brand: QNT
Barcode: 5404017400665

With hazelnut chips and a crunchy effect

• 21% protein

• Low sugar

Nut Protein Choco Spread Crunchy It is a delicious cocoa spread spread, which includes pieces of hazelnuts to achieve the crunchy effect you are looking for. It is made with high quality whey protein, ideal to give you a moment of pleasure while taking care of your figure.

Generally, chocolate creams are a bomb of sugars and fat. So, if you like to take care of yourself, surely you have eliminated them from your diet long ago. That time is behind us, since no sugars have been added to make Nut Protein Choco Spread Crunchy and 100% natural and unhydrogenated vegetable oils are also used. The most characteristic and special thing about Nut Protein Choco Spread Crunchy is that it is enriched with protein, authentic whey protein concentrate up to 21% protein.

Proteins are an essential nutrient for the maintenance of health and are essential for the maintenance and development of the muscles, also favoring the feeling of satiety. Whey protein is rich in essential amino acids and BCAAs, the most important amino acids for skeletal muscle.

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